Hidden among the rocks of Phi Beach Club stunning venue, icon in the world of entertaining, the private terrace called The Rock reveals its own natural beauty.

Intimate, exclusive, impressive. Once entered the terrace,guests immediately lose theirselves in a dreamy environment enveloped in a timeless dimension. Their eyes are captured by a beautiful view overlooking the sea. and a precious moment becomes eternal.

Four recesses at the foot of a rocky wall that seems to be shaped by a skillful sculptor, lay on a floor embellished with hand-painted decorations. A pleasant balance between nature and design; only the most evolved and eco-sustainable materials, in total respect of the surrounding environment.

The pleasure of welcoming in a unique place, soft sofas, piped music and lights that enhance every surrounding shape.

For intimate nights in absolute privacy or private parties to the rhythm of music and fun. The Rock club is the perfect spot where to enjoy the best champagne and share pleasant evenings.

Equipped with a mixology design bar, perfect for qualified Aibes bartenders and a back up kitchen, this location offers the possibility to set up a stylish kitchen box for amazing show cooking Furthermore, a sophisticated sound systems, unique in shape andmanufacturing, is completed by a dj console with all the necessary equipment for high level artistic line up.

The Royal Table

A strategic observation point of the ancient military outpost becomes the magnificent theater for the installation of a Royal Table only for the lucky few. For those who wish to have a candle-lit dinner in absolute privacy sorrounded by amazing rocks.

By reservation only, up to a maximum of ten guests, a prestigiuos Carte Blanche desiggned by the Chef, will satisfy the most discerning palates, with the finest wines and impeccable service.

Private Entrance

The Rock Club has also a separate entrance dedicated to its special guests, who can also count on mooring/tender-shuttle services and a certified helipad for helicopters.